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Webinar on the rise, A covid-19 blessing in 20

Updated: May 31, 2021

Idea of having webinars didn't evolved suddenly middle of quarantined night, but it was available since at least last 10 years, In early days the idea was neither fancied and not adopted by everyone as most of us were not as comfortable dealing problems online as we are now…

Senior decision makers of the company never believed to discuss problems and making strategies on the conference call or on webinars because they are not tuned like that but we have witnessed now the switch to adoption of new technological advancement of all the age groups.

Its not only seniors even our junior ones like nursery and kindergarten children have been adjusted comfortably of attending online classes. They even now have started operating the laptops on their own such as muting the mic and switch on and off the Camera or combination of both.

They have started understanding their tutors instructions so well as it seems they are sitting inside the actual tangible schoolroom.

In the corporate world, words like ‘online workshops’ ‘online training’ ‘virtual tour’ ‘virtual events’ were emerging to minimise the travel time, additional costs such as travel cost, lodging, food, daily allowance etc but the fusion of two words ‘web’ and ‘seminar’ equals to webinar has revolutionised the entire system of meeting, training, learning, mentoring, discussing and so on…

Webinar has multiple advantages over ‘seminar’ such as people can join the webinar on real time without the limitations of geographical distances and local time, It may reach to much wider audiences, its a cost effective way of communicating your message without zero spend on resources such as booking a location/hotel, food, tea and so on… you simply need a laptop or mobile with a great internet speed to run through your message uninterrupted

Most importantly, webinar could be a product which could be sold multiple-times at all level. Webinar is the most effective tool for education sector, no matter you are a school or corporate training institution or you could be a theatre artist with some aspiring actors all of them are connected with webinars,

Our quarantined situation given it such a powerful fuel to lift up in the sky that it is on trending since the time of Covid situation lowered us down

Corporate video makers are on boom because of the webinars simply because the entire world have started understanding the power of audio-video format,

Corporate film makers are having huge number of business leads as companies want to produce corporate videos to target the wider and larger audience size around the world

Corporate video production companies in Delhi and Gurgaon are making huge profits because of this covid-19 crises.

Animation video makers in Delhi are busy developing 2D and 3d animation so that Video could be played out during the webinar to simplify the company or product or services.

SaaS companies, specially Video conference providers such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet are being used extensively and making billions of dollars profit during their best business time which is not the best for rest of the world.

More and more service providers are emerging in the market promising better security, services and user friendliness

Corporate video makers, animation videos makers, corporate av makers, video production houses all of them are having great time because of the extensive use of webinar and work from home culture.

Webinars are extensively being used by various kinds of coaches such as business coaches, life coaches, coaching coaches (funny but true) as it seems that people are so hungry for recipient end of the information however i believe almost everything is available on the net, its just that you need to be a good researcher, you need to know the right key words what you look for and you need to be a good reader because the piece of information you are looking for may be stacked below the long paragraphs. This is also true that we as new generation doesn't want to read anything because we have lost the reading consumption power, most of the time we read but we do not understand what was said however if we watch video we can consume the message fully.

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2 comentários

03 de ago. de 2021

You are absolutely right Ms. Umaima, not only webinar but also online classes for the education are extremely popular to keep the safe distance to avoid covid virus.

Corporate sector are contacting corporate video makers in Gurgaon and Delhi to have their videos produced to send it their potential clients around the world.

Corporate film makers in Delhi are also having great business because of Covid-19 situation.


02 de ago. de 2021

Webinar is on the rise indeed because of the social distancing.

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