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Covid-19 and online classes, an analysis.

An unprecedented situation has created for unprecedented educational systems of learning, attending online classes from home has become new normal and new normal has become quite a profitable option for the schools to some extent because of the negligible maintenance cost of maintaining the school such as air conditioning cost, house keeping costs, extra guards and security cost, stationary and various miscellaneous costs without even driving an austerity drive in this time of the crises. The term work from home ‘WFH’ has got a new companion called ‘SFH’ (Study from home)

Online class for the mass of the students have become new normal too, some parents have been adjusted with the tech based methodology of teaching through video but some still blaming the concept because of too much exposure to the Video screen, they rather are comfortable in engaging their off springs eyeballs to dribble the football than to present themselves pretending sitting in the class where no one is back bencher and no one is front runner, all of them are equally watching the Ma’am sitting with their mother or father or combination of both, one at each side to help the kid to mute, un-mute, camera off and on.

If your ward is marking the presence in nursery or kg, than you should keep your fridge full of vegetables and fruits because you never know when Ma’am can ask you to get the Tomato from the fridge to demonstrate the red colour, not only this, you should always keep all the utensils washed and handy before going to the online classes because Ma’am can ask your ward to bring the plate and bowl to give your ward a better understanding of the “Circular” shape.

Sometimes, you could be asked for something which you know you have but ‘where’ is the word which can make you run in the entire house to please the Ma’am and to prove the superiority of your ward among fellow online students.

Highly qualified parents such as Phd holders or scholars, they have to be a passive students by sitting next to their wards equally participate in the class and consume all the learning from Ma’am, unofficially, off the camera..

Things become all the way more complicated when you are also working from home and your child also need you, than you try to use your juggle skills by having a close eye on the child laptop screen as well as your own official laptop screen.

According to some parents, online classes are good until they are allowed to work from home by their organisations but if parents need to go to office than they would prefer to send their child to the school because of the non availably of the time which may need to consume either sitting with the child during the online classes or engaging him into various activities at least in the first half of the day.

During this time of the crises, children has also developed various unpleasant psychological syndrome such as stress, feeling grumpiness, anxiety, aggressiveness or various types of mood swings.

These physiological problems could have been dealt with carefully if both the parents would have devoted a considerable amount of time to their children which they have failed to do because of the pattern of working from home and to prove they are the best to their boss.

I reckon, we all should think about the children and changed their behaviour, we have to be extra vigilant about their thought process, try to cut the time from whatsapp chat, Facebook explore and long phone calls. If we can cut out our time from these engagements which are not instrumental neither for us not our off sprints we would be having a lot more time for our children

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