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Why corporate sector is looking for Videos ? An analysis by ZakMedios

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Having a corporate video is an essential need of the hour, gone are the days when large sized companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Godrej etc use to invest huge amount of money to get the videos to achieve maximum ROI.

Scenario has changed, so is the consumer market, people want to know about every aspect of the brand, no matter it is making some relevance to persuade them for the purchase or just inquiring causally to acquire the information. Eventually everyone needs to know all the nitty-gritty attached with the product which makes video content the only robust medium to explain the brand/product/services and even company as a whole.

Corporate Video Makers in Delhi, makes quite a versatile video keeping in mind the thought process of the consumer market and the targeted audience because it is shared almost all the marketing/digital format where companies may reach out to their maximum potential viewers which could be converted into the customers to get potentially huge return on investment.

Corporate Film makers, specially in Delhi, are well aware of the digital technological advancement which makes them enable to design the content in such a way that it could create an entertaining factor whilst informing their clients so that people could be engaged with the elements of the video content.

There are many types of videos which could be used on various purposes such as, explainer video makers in Delhi, focus on the various features of the product so that viewers can understand the product exactly the way manufacturer wants them to understand. Explainer videos are extremely instrumental to create the need of the product for the viewers and it converts the viewers into the potential customers.

Explainer video makers in Gurgaon try to cast influencers in their videos so that people can be motivated by the all good words of the influencer and purchase the product.

According to the research, Corporate video production services in Delhi are trying to convert all the print material into audio-video format because the of the quick consumption rate using story telling style of narration which is easy to digest and lives long in the memory of the viewers and increase the rate of attention as well.

Video production houses in Delhi are also focussing to provide ‘live video’ options to their clients. Facebook live and Instagram stories has given the boost of the live video options as people are interested watching them. They live there for only 24 hours as a result people do not want to leave it for the next time and prefer to watch it as they spot them. These stories are great values to those brands which are providing discounts for a limited period of time or involvement of the celebrity gives quite a trust value their subscribers.

According to the research zakmedios has conducted, majority of the consumers claimed that they bought the product because their buying decision was influenced by the product demonstration through video.

Product video makers in Delhi, either borrow the product and take it to their studios or they send a cameramen in Delhi offices of the client for the product shoot, later company edit it and add some creative values such as 3D animation, graphics and various effects to give a professional touch.

Putting video on the landing page of your website can not only increase the stay time but also increase the chances of the purchase the product.

In conclusion, Video has become the first marketing choice for the companies, want to expend their business. Video mode of marketing would be increasing, it would just the changed with the technology such as video based on 3D, video based on Augmented Reality, Live feed etc

Some corporate video makers in Gurgaon says that video marketing would be further increasing because of the cut-throat competition within the companies. Those companies who would be able to demonstrate their product or services much better way through the audio-video formate would be having all the possibilities to become a market leader.

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