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Who is making profit in Covid-19

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

When there are most of the companies are badly affected by the Corona crisis, there are few making huge profits because of the nature of their business model. Some of them, who are making profits are those companies which are giving some sort of comfort level or safety during the lockdown such could be making sanitisers, hand gloves, masks to save everyone life because these elements have been included in the essential list of every households.

Online Teachings

During the lockdown and mostly working from home enabled professionals to do something constructive for themselves which prompted the online teaching market in multiple folds. Companies and Universities providing online certification are doubling their registered subscribers including online education providers, online lectures. Companies providing coding classes are massively in profit

Razors and Hair Trimmers

There are more companies which are making different products not to save from life threatening situations but to groom people while they are at home such as shaving razors and hair trimmers for DIY (Do it yourself) purpose.

Spin Mob/Magic Mop/Robotic Floor Mop (Cleaning gadgets)

In India, upper middle class has a trend of having maids to do house cleaning etc but because of lock down maids are not giving their services to their allotted homes, even some places where maids have been allowed to visit but people are not allowing them at their homes because of the possible virus spread as they go door to-door to perform their assigned work, and there is undoubtedly a potential threat that they can carry the virus to every home wherever they work. As a result ‘magic mop’ or ‘spin mops’ have come into the demand so much that they have gone off the shelves not only from the shops but also from e-com spaces.

People want to keep minimum intrusion of outsider either a guest or a cleaner or a cook, trying to find out the technological supported alternatives such as robotic floor mop, automatic dish washer and automatic bread maker, which are making these elements most likeable, searchable and finally buyable.

Reading Material

People who are generally have no time but always have a long wish list of books are having advantage of reading their favourite books. Many best sellers are out of stock

Electronic Items

Those who were not having TV because of any reason (tv kills the time, tv is bad for the kids etc) have started buying TV sets for their homes because they could buy VOD (Video On Demand) services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar and many more.

People have started buying personal laptops to watch and explore the various content on big screen as these people were doing the similar activity at home by their smart phones.

Printers are also in demand because kids are having online classes and their education material has to be printed for their home work.

Tea/Coffee/Cold Drinks

Tea, coffee and various carbonated drinks are being consumed more than they are required in a day time.

Indoor Games

Due to restrictions of stepping out people want to play indoor games to entertain themselves and the family. They are buying indoor games according to the age of their children so that their children could be engaged while they do office work from home and in free time they can also play with them.

Computer Games

According to ctvnews “Nintendo said Thursday its annual profit surged 41 per cent, its highest in nine years. And profit in the first three months of 2020 more than tripled compared with the previous quarter”

Gymming and Health Equipments

Those who are fitness enthusiasts, go to gym everyday without a fail are dishearten because of the lockdown, they do not want to stop their daily gymming because gym are shut as a result they have started ordering gymming equipments at home to keep themselves sound and fit. Peloton revenue grew 66% during the Covid-19 crises.

Corporate Video/Product Video

Demand of Corporate video has increased because companies are not investing money in Outdoor Media which is generally called out-of-home (OH) vertical for the marketing as they are aware of that no one is going on the road so there would not be any visibility on their outdoor advertisement, they want to penetrate inside the bedroom and living room of the consumers,

Corporate video makers like ZakMedios are doing well in this kind of scenario because big player wants to acquire all the market share, a gap which was occupied by SME’s not shifting towards the large enterprises,

Animation Video

Shoot is being difficult to produce tv advertisement as a result companies are shifting their focus on animation makers. Animation video makers are doing great business because it could be produced remotely without any physical presence of a meeting or any character.

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