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Youtube most watched Videos, Lets guess how much you know about youtube Videos.

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Majority of us started believing that without youtube, life could have been extremely boring, youtube literally revolutionaries our lives. If you believe in doing something cool either stunt or singing or dancing or prank, you literally could be a star over night.

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Youtube is massive because of the strange craziness for the videos, we claim it because of the fact that more than 1.3 billion people have set up their account on youtube, more than 5 billion videos are being watched each day and 300 hours of watch time videos are being uploaded every minute these are the quantitative research which proves youtube undoubtedly is an essential platform for the entertainment and information.

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On the video content front, songs are the most watched content which acquire more than 90% of the views of over all videos

This could be a shocker for everyone but it is true that either the best quality videos Hollywood types are in demand or the videos shot by immature could be in demand because of various reasons.

Videos with good quality are less likely to watch because people wants to stay away from any promotional activity run through silently as video format, resulting they just do not click on the video thumbnail.

On the other hand people who are making videos immaturely are having more chances to hit as people connect with the content without the fear of being targeted through marketing companies.

Classic example of “Baby Shark Dance” video done by South Korean youtube channel Pinking has smashing 10 Billion views on youtube which is just an ordinary video, hit song like ‘Despacito’ is having as less views as 8 Billion than the Baby shark dance know about youtube Videos

Strangely enough Animation Character Dance named "El Chombo" surprised everyone with 4 Billion views with the title name of "Dame Tu Cosita feat. Cutty Ranks"

Katy Perry song Roar is also doing great with 3.6 Billion views.

‘Masha and The Bear’ is a Russian animated series produced for the Russian TV targeting the small children is very popular among kids, its episode ‘Recipe for disaster’ has been viewed almost 4.5 Billion times which is quite a lot for the children perspective. Some Youtube analysts claim that real success came because of the costume of Masha a fun body covered character with a head scarf which has made it acceptable and popular animation in all the Muslim countries around the world. We all believe that the quality of animation is exceptionally great as well.

Youtube analysts were thinking that ‘Gangnam style’ could be the leading song of the youtube but it did not happened, people did not make it huge resulted it is just stuck below 4.4 Billion views. It is also considered one of the most discussed video on youtube.

Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of you’ is also doing well on 5.7 Billion views and growing, another one is Wiz Khalifa's ‘See You Again ft. Charlie Puth’ is also growing up with 5.5 Billion views. This song has been on the top in 44 countries in the world and nominated in the grammy awards as well. On the 97th day of its released it achieved 1 Billion views. it was also commissioned as a theme of fast and furious series- 7.

Two favourite guys from the music background, Mark Ronson who is a British Producer and Bruno Mars a famous singer come together and sung ‘Uptown Funk’ almost 6 years back but still growing up with 4.6 Billions views with two grammy awards as well.

Justin Bieber, one of the most popular singers among girls are also doing well with the song title ‘Sorry’. It has been watched 3.5 Billions time courtesy to the fans, similarly song ‘Maroon 5’ sung by Sugar having 3.7 Billions views and competing each other, Maroon 5 was directed by David Dobkin who has been director of a hit film ‘Wedding Crashers’. While making this video the production team decided to genuinely crash the weddings with the co-ordination of wedding planners in Los Angels.

Just to conclude, songs are dominating on the youtube but there are a lot of scope of other content as well if the idea is great and content is unique.

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varun agarwal
varun agarwal
Aug 11, 2022

Very informative blog about the YouTube trends. Video makers in Delhi are on progressive path. Put more blogs.


Jun 30, 2021

Thank you so very much for reading the entire blog on


Rama Agarwal
Rama Agarwal
Jun 04, 2021

Great article.. zakmedios is certainly one of the best Corporate video makers in delhi. I am satisfied with the services. is a great website.

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