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Importance of Testimonial Video

Marketing through word of mouth has always been and still considered the best marketing practices among all the marketing concepts, and that is the reason that customer testimonials are considered quite instrumental to map the mind of the potential customers. According to the Marketing land 90% consumers admit their buying decisions are influenced by customer testimonials. When someone look the testimonials, he simply not only make his mind to buy or not to buy but he certainly buy the experience of someone else having the same experience or using the same product.

During a process of watching testimonial video, potential clients try to associate themselves with the rating of satisfaction, by observing the key words, body language and over all content they take a decision to opt the services or to buy the product or not to…

Just to prove my argument, let me quote some of the classic examples of our television commercials, as you could see the Harpic advert in

which famous actor Akshay Kumar showcase the live toilet cleaning by using the cleaning product, In another advert a dentist is giving testimonial regarding the toothpaste

These kinds of advertisement provide human to human touch and viewers can relate with the problems more intensively than to consume the flashy advert which doesn't connect with the right kind of audience. These high valued technologically supported advertisement can give a wow factor but would not be delivering the right targeted message to the right audience.

Testimonial videos do wonders in travel verticals superbly, for instance, if you want to go to London for a holiday and would be looking a good hotel what would you do first ? Perhaps, you would listen to those testimonial videos who have stayed in that hotel and would learn good and bad things associated with the hotel as a third party from their experience of staying.

As a corporate video makers in Gurgaon, we at zakmedios has produced quite a number of testimonial videos.

Video production houses in Delhi,generally do not produce all sorts of videos including testimonials because of the less profit but corporate video makers in Gurgaon generally go for all kinds of videos as they get work in bulk.

Testimonial videos could be produced multiple way, with single camera, with two cam shot, Interview styled etc.

Testimonial videos are also great marketing tool in the real estate industry, residents would talk about why they like to live in a particular society and if my conditions of living are being met i might be thinking to buy the flat

Finally, it may be concluded that testimonial videos are being considered one of the influential tool to persuade the targeted audience by creating a great value of the product or services of the company.

Ad agencies in Delhi have also started producing testimonial videos as they could see the great scope in this style of marketing.

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Aug 03, 2021

Thank you very much,. Are you a corporate film makers in Gurgaon ?


Mar 20, 2020

You have given excellent Information on videography, keep it UP.

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