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Artificial Intelligence and games

Video Games came into existence in 1950 but these were extremely simple version of the games which were to play in audio-video format played out on TV sets. It was lacking the involvement of human’s emotions as human is playing with machines objects without any storylines and art work.

Over the years gaming industry developers found the gap in the market and worked extremely hard to produce high tech games which not only provide human to human connections but also provide a story line and this story lines has always an agenda or target to finish the game or one layer of the game. Most of the time target is to kill a master or monster but you would have to have him in the end provided you were able to kill his sub ordinates or army leaders which may be having variety of weaponry and its unexplored art of usage techniques as a result your player has to adopt the similar skills to face the various variants of the oppositions.

There are many game consultants available who could provide the art work and direction of the video,

zakmedios is a corporate video makers in Delhi ncr and provide all the consultancy needed to start a game project.

Artificial intelligence has enabled the entire game industry a multi billion entity, in the current year 2019 which is 151 Billion US dollars and expected to grow, by 2021 it is expected to reach more than 180 Billion US dollars which is quite a huge number.

Through Artificial Intelligence the gaming industry has reached to a new level. AI is used extensively in ‘Decision Tree’ and ‘Pathfinding’. The new term has coined ‘Game AI’ to reference broad spectrum theory of ‘Algorithms’ which was not possible to design by human.

Chess and Ludo were the initial forms of the AI where graphics were static focussing only on chess board/Ludo but it also having examples of much complex versions such as PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle ground). PUBG has become one of the most played games backed by AI without which it was impossible to structure.

ZakMedios, other than corporate film makers in Delhi and corporate video production in Delhi also provide insight of video games and qualitative and quantitative analysis. The companies who produce and having rights the game is PUBG Corp and Tencent games launched it in China where they found the huge scope to make it popular and than India because of the population advantages. This CHINDIA (China+India) region gave quite a elevation to produce huge revenue stream for the company.

AI gives a decision making authority to the games in a particular environment it could be used for both the player and for the machine which makes a game more interesting.

On the flip side there are many experts who produce the theory that these AI based games are damaging the entire analytical development of the brain, as a result children are not performing well in their studies because there is no AI support system which could be used to memories the tables or various formulas of maths and physics to make the studies easy to understand. There are voices against the use of AI into such places where they are involved with a child mind but developers of such games rejecting the theories of the educationalists by arguing that games are enabling better ‘hand and eye’ co-ordination and making a child’s brain more strong to face any challenge which they can use in a real life as they are into practice with the games.

Corporate video makers in Delhi, provides consultation to those who wants to run artificial intelligence business in India and abroad.

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