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Why a company needs Videos ?

Why do we need video?

Nearly half of the internet population of this world consume one hour video content everyday, Watching vehicles could be various such as through online, tv, mobile according to a research. Most of the us watch videos on two different platform

Corporate film makers in Delhi

at the same time such as while watching TV people explore youtube or whatsapp videos. it happens because we get bored of one video content quite early, most of the time TV ad agencies in Delhi put off the viewers and people starts exploring video content to continue the entertainment level consistent.

People generally tend to buy those products which has a video associated with it.

Mobile market has taken over the conventional media devices, Youtube says more than half of their users watch videos on mobile hand set because of easy to carry factor, cheap data rates and quality of the screen and functions, thats the reason mobile marketing has been increased.

Its not just the youtube, Snapchat has roughly more than 10 billion videos views every day, even twitter says videos are retweeted six times more than the normal text or photograph.

Facebook says that their live feeds feature is being popular because they are being watched three times longer than the pre-recorded videos.

How a corporate video can do wonders to your business?

Companies have started the value of the corporate video production in Delhi, according to the research a corporate video makers in Delhi can single handedly generate leads up to 66% (If used on all the video sharing platforms by running a campaign)

According to the corporate film makers in Delhi, it can increase the brand visibility by 55% or more if used quite efficiently. Its a fact that having video on your landing page can increase conversion rate by 80%

Facebook research says that almost 85% of the Facebook video are watched on mute format (without sound) which gives an indication to all the corporate video makers in Delhi ncr to produce video with subtitle so that they could also be understood while watching it without sound.

New trends tell us that videos are being extensively used in the email marketing campaign to get better click through rates.

The good sign is that video film makers in Delhi has lower down their cost to acquire big market in India and globally.

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