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What is a 'Breaking News' ?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

It really depends which country do you stay at and what are your targeted audience, when i say your audience meaning their geography, their age, their gender, education level and political awareness. Breaking news could be anything these days and it keeps on happening multiple times around the world so you have to make sure that your audience should be catered only those breaking news which they think that they are getting informed by consuming your piece. I worked with one of the most respected news channels in India and witnessed various kinds of breaking news day in and day out in my news channel as well as on competitors platforms, sometimes breaking news for other channels doesn't fancy us and we do not immediately switch to that one, simply because we were have different targeted audience which we believed would not be entertained by the shallow level of breaking news. As far as look and feel and the treatment is concern you can place a super impose text of breaking news preferably in red colour and without wasting the history of the element you should directly jumped to the current field situation and how it is affecting the humans and system as a whole.. You can keep on repeating it until you think you had done enough justice with it.

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