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Are you ready for a creative corpora What do you need to understand before having a corporate video?

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Corporate video is and has always been a fascinating term for medium and large companies. It talks about your company, it talks about your product or your services, it talks about your brand and sometimes it also talks about you and your credentials. It's important to know why you need to have corporate video and how it could be beneficial for you.

This image is about corporate video production with the dslr camera

creative corporate video production companies know the fact that there are many kinds of learners in the world, but most of them prefer to learn through audio video format, and that vary factor should make the idea of having a corporate video for your company more certain.

You should never forget that you are delivering messages through the corporate video not flashing your business model.

We all know that Google loves YouTube videos and gives good SEO ranking to those websites who are having youtube links on their websites.

According to the corporate film makers, video links are easy to share anywhere, cross-functional platforms such as on linkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or even through the email body. If you create a really great video and market it well on all the platforms there are chances that people may start sharing it organically without any paid promotions and that’s an achievement. You just need to find the right kind of targeted audience who understand your business segment. According to Michael E, Porter “The second important evolutionary process is change in the buyers segments served by the industry. For example, early electronic calculators were sold to scientists and engineers, only later to students and bill payers. Light aircraft were initially sold to the military and later to private and commercial users.” similarly video advertisement were meant to large companies because it not only carries a production cost but also TV air time cost, but now things are changed, you can get the corporate video done by freelancers and upload it free of cost on free platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and many such more

An ‘Online marketing’ book written by Richard Gay, Alan Charlesworth, and Rita Esen says “One thing that is most apparent when we evaluate the internet success stories is the culture of continual customer centric innovations. The exponential growth in technological improvements requires constant and expensive investment in new services and features without them the online operation becomes stale and fails to meet customer expectations”

We need to put money in our business to expand as well as market them strategically.

There are few elements which should be a part of your corporate video are follow

  1. Introduction of the company/Introduction of the product/Introduction of the services

  2. Current scenario of the business, how the business is currently competing

  3. Capabilities, strengths etc

  4. Competitive advantages over rivals (could be technological advancement)

  5. Testimony of happy clients

creative corporate video makers can cover up Above four points but fifth one could be optional.

Video production companies sometimes start the video with a problem statement, they generally pick up 5 most common problems to which anyone could relate and then claim to provide the solutions, but this kind of starting is not possible on each product.

We as zakmedios diagnose the product and services capabilities and strengths after doing a brief health check and provide the tailored made solutions, this kind of treatment generally not provided by other corporate video makers.

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varun agarwal
varun agarwal
Aug 11, 2022

Corporate video makers are needed to get the business into next level. Corporate video makers in Gurgaon are being approached quite extensively. Great information is found in this Blog.

Aug 29, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for replying... Zakmedios is a best corporate video makers in Gurgaon and Delhi.

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