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How to prepare for Online meetings - Do's and Don't

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

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Oh God virtual meeting again! This kind of a thought sometimes pops up in the mind when there is a meeting schedule, but during the technology time and using technology for a meeting, you should be sure of your nuts and bolts, because one slight technical problem can turn you into a potato as it really happened and video is on the round on twitter.

Initial 5 minutes are the most important because during those minutes you are having freedom to talk about anything and everything. You can make or break during this informal 5 minutes which could be pretty evidentiary during the entire length of the meet.

Let's get started, first of you need to know who are you meeting with what are their interests like? Their likings and disliking, their basic nature such as they are very funny or they are very serious kinds, all this you could get to know on their Facebook profile and Instagram profile just try to asses them and get yourself ready to face them by preparing yourself their kind of a man.

If you do not get to know much about them try to prepare yourself on common subjects such as weather, pollutions, books, current affairs, trending subject of the day, if you are equipped with these common subjects you could make an early impression on the panel.

If you think they are least interested in any of these talks than your plan C should be those points which revolves around of the agenda which is going to be discussed in the next couple of minutes

Try to get ready as you get ready for the real face to face meeting, wear good formal cloths, find out good background, there has to be enough light on your face, and try to shut the door of the room or restrict the entry of anyone there.

Few points you should do

  1. Keep one notebook and two pens handy (just incase one pen misbehave you)

  2. Tell your family about the importance of the meeting

  3. Put your mobile phone on silent mode

  4. Keep one spare laptop or tablet handy next to the primary laptop just incase if you need to google something during the meeting

  5. If you have prepared notes please keep them handy

  6. If you want to record the meeting take a consent

  7. You should know people by their names

  8. You have to address people by their first name or Sir/Ma’am

  9. Think before you speak, use your words very carefully,

  10. During the meeting, If you promise to send some documents, send them quick right after the meeting

  11. Stick to the agenda of the Online meetings

  12. If you are sharing your screen with all of them beware there should not be any porn stuff or any stuff which you think should not be displayed other than you, should not be visible on screen.

  13. If you want to use youtube to showcase any video or any corporate video to your panel, be sure it should be ready to serve

Few points you should not do

  1. Try not to think that you are the smartest person among all attending this meeting and try not to be nervous, both extremes could go against you

  2. Do not sit in front of the door and if you do just lock it from inside

  3. Try not intervene during the talk of others (if you think you can forget just write down the key word)

  4. Do not talk too much as it may give an impression that you want to hijack this meeting

  5. Greet and appreciate others talk before you start

  6. Do not be direct, it is considered quite rude behaviour no matter you are right and others are wrong

  7. Do not put on mute state for a long time but if you need to cough and sneeze you need to put yourself on mute

  8. Do not try to eat anything during the meeting, not even chupke-chupke

  9. Do not play music in the background

  10. Do not pass any derogatory remark on anyone

  11. If you are less informed on any subject try to refrain yourself from giving statement or comment because there are chances that people may do cross questioning and you would disappoint them

  12. Do not speak out of the agenda or topic as there could be another meeting for your concern

We believe we have covered all the points here. If you need to discuss something please contact us on and we would get back to you as soon as possible

Wishing you all the very best for your upcoming meeting

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Vinay Pratap Singh
Vinay Pratap Singh
Mar 07, 2022

Zakmedios provided good information about online meeting

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