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Why Video is a better option than Presentation when it comes to Business Development?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

In this age of social media where everyone has exposure to enormous amount of information every moment, it is not an easy task to encapsulate their attention even for few seconds. Every single opportunity to engage your targeted audience should be in-cashed. With so less time and so much competition, the business needs the best possible mediums to reach their audience.

Here, we are discussing why every business needs a corporate video and how they are a better option for business development than presentations.

1. Attention: When it comes to engaging minds, presentations become secondary as they might look boring and engage only our eye balls. Whereas, Videos not only engage our vision and ears together but also increase the much desirable chances of engagement with the message and content

2. Lack of Patience: People today, specially the current generation lack patience. We do not like to waste our time reading a long article or understanding a complex presentation that can be explained through a video within few seconds. Time is a crucial factor these days.

3. Explaining a presentation: For a presentation, we need a good speaker to explain it and engage its audience. So, here the presentation becomes just a tool in hands of that person. Your whole business depends on the person explaining your presentation. This can sometimes become risky because your audience might be expecting better orator to explain hence they do not connect with the content through ppt.

On the other hand, video is self explanatory entity. We already know what is said in the video and we can alter it from time to time. Besides, we don’t need a person to explain it to audience because audience would consume the content without putting too much efforts.

4. Social Media Platforms: This is the age Social Media Marketing where all brands are campaigning online. If you are not available online, it reduces your credibility.

Using presentations on social media is not a good idea for any business. No one will give few minutes of their leisure time to watch your presentation which might not even look entertaining One should have a video for its business that can be used on different mediums like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc. Anyone can invest at-least few seconds to watch a video online without getting bored.

5. Persuasion: The sole reason of having a video or a presentation is to persuade your target audience to buy your product or encourage them to use it in future. It is analysed that a video is a much accepted mode tool to persuade the audience through right message.

6. Multiple uses: A video can be used or played at various platforms like- Social Media, meetings, seminars, events, attachment in the e-mails, reception area, company’s website, exhibitions and many more. A presentation cannot solve this purpose. Though now we can add video clips in the presentation, they are still not very much entertaining or solve purpose for every event.

It won’t be wrong to say that today; a corporate video is must for every business. If you still do not have one, it’s a high time to be the part of this trend which will benefit your business the most.

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