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Smart phone cameras are replacing professional cameras? An comparative analysis !

As technology is expending its unstoppable innovative wings with the conducive market winds, question mark has taken quite awkward places such as, smart phone cameras are replacing professional camera ? a question which were never imagined 10 years back but as we are forwarding with the welcoming adoption of new technology, every impossible narrative seems possible now.

Having or hanging a DSLR camera has always been a kind of luxury as they are expensive and one has to understand the synchronisation of aperture size with shutter speed, but mobile camera has literally kicked out aperture and took the size as mobile clicked photograph could be enlarged into any size courtesy massive number of mega-pixel technology, and from the shutter speed, shutter is down of the shutter but speed are welcomed because in mobile you do not need to fix up the perfect settings to click up photos as it gives quite a speed of clicking.

Popularity of mobile camera has also increased because 1) it always stays in your hand handy, 2) after clicking the photograph it could be send to any user within a couple of second or you can post the photograph or video in your Facebook album or Instagram.

Megapixel advancement of mobile camera has also increased its competitive advantages over professional camera.

Launching of iPhone 11 has given quite a winning edge to the phone camera market because it has 48 mega-pixel sensor which gives quite an amazing video and picture quality.

In addition to the mobile camera technology, Oppo and Huawei are providing 5x optical zoom which could be quite helpful to record distant object.

Additionally if you really want to zoom an object than telescopic lenses are also available for mobile hand-set on economical rates such as you could buy the best quality mobile telescopic lens in less than $10 ( 400 rupees)

Those companies which are driving austerity drive and shrinking marketing budgets and video production budget can use the mobile camera to shoot the rough footage,

Corporate film makers in Gurgaon are just editing the mobile rough footage by placing good background music to give a professional look to the audience.

ZakMedios, produces explainer videos in Delhi and have produced many such videos which are recorded by mobile phones.

Advertising agencies in Delhi are also using mobile phones to promote mobile phone in the various televisions shows such as Big Boss and Kapil Sharma show.

Additionally, there are many software available on the mobile phone where you can beautify your photos. You can use multiple filters as well while clicking the photos.

There was the only problem shooting by the mobile that it was not stable in comparison to the professional camera but these days mobile tripod are extremely common to give stability to your footage.

Corporate av makers generally use the mobile hand set by fixing it on Gimbal to get the stable shots as mobile gimbal avoid all the shaky shots.

Video production houses in Delhi are also considering to adopt the mobile shoot mechanism for the video production assignment.

Even, Premium Indian News Channel NDTV (New Delhi Television) uses the Samsung phone to cover their on sight stories, they have trained their reporters to use the mobile phones as a camera. Even their studios are mobile camera friendly which is quite a big revolutionary thing for the mobile phone industry.

Ad agencies in Delhi, corporate video production houses in Delhi sooner would be considering mobile phone option for their futuristic video production requirement as it would give them the same video quality with extremely economical budget.

Corporate video shoot, corporate event shoot, product video shoot, all would be done in-house by the mobile phones and there would not be any need of the professional cameras because of the continuous advancement of the video camera technology.

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