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Coronavirus Impact on Video Production houses

Since the quarantine began, consumption mode of the marketing content have changed, certainly adoption was already visible among young generation because they were extremely comfortable of doing almost everything online but adoption of new technics for above 50 years was forced to accustomed the new way of operating because if you would not adjust yourself to operate in this time of the crisis, you would be asked to leave the organisation. It was fear for those who learnt to operate online.

All the organisation know their targeted consumers are available online all the time, as a result, they have dropped the idea of out door marketing,print marketing, tv advertisements, Newspaper advertisements as people have stopped picking up news papers from their door steps. In this kind of situation, only the online medium is not only surviving but have eaten all the chunk of other mode of marketing.

Online Video Conferencing has taken over physical meeting, those who never felt easy to do a virtual meet started using Microsoft Teams and Zooms.

In Covid situation, where social distancing is being considered the only way to ditch the Corona virus, how can a production team can produce a video? To address the issue, we would like to take our own set of examples, ZakMedios office phone rings all the time, asking for corporate video makers, we listen to each and everyone before advising to them, and our advice is always goes with the pack of precautions during this time, we recommend producing a corporate film by using archive shots with the combination of Animation and powerful compelling graphics, so that we could convey the right message through right targeted audience who are sitting online to consume the video content you have produced.

On the hind side, video is the only tool which people see, hear, understand and likely to buy your product or services because they accept and understand this medium to consume the information you are providing to them.

We as zakmedios, understand that corporate video makers are suffering because of this lockdown and corona virus situation, as no one really risking lives to contact corporate film makers, but animation makers in Delhi are doing great business.

Animation video makers are getting good business because companies are avoiding to invite the production companies in Delhi at their office for the corporate shoot or corporate video production in Gurgaon.

Corporate video makers in Delhi are spending money on google ads because they want to get the advantage of the crisis.

Corporate film makers in Gurgaon started hiring 3D and 2D animators as they have launched the animation vertical in their business model so that they can explore the market opportunities.

Animation makers in Delhi have understood the power of animation during the lockdown because all the corporate sectors started relying on animation, either the product videos or promotional videos, all the videos are being produced by animation.

Corporate video makers in Gurgaon are doing great business because of the location advantages for them, they are meeting with clients sitting in the coffee shops so that they can avoid any virus threat, if they manage to grab the business they send their production crew members with mask and sanitiser, even the production equipments which are used by corporate video production being sanitised thoroughly before entering the office.

Businesses are adopting virtual sale processes to increase their targets, without meeting dealers, distributors and retailers it is being impossible to match the sell target but if companies have their product promotional videos or testimonial videos of their previous clients than it becomes relatively easy to sell the products at all levels.

Corporate video production companies are minimising their crew members whenever the shoot happens to keep the social distancing minimised. Most of the time just 3-4 crew members go to shoot, among them one is camera person, one light assistant, one director cum production incharge and one helper to help everyone wherever needed.

However if you go for the animated corporate video production you do not need to send anyone anywhere, because you just need to create everything in-house and send it the first draft through google drive.

We expect everything would be normalised very soon and video production would also shoot up as a business for many needy people who are suffering at this time of the crisis.

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1 Comment

Aug 02, 2021

Corporate video makers in Delhi are certainly having problems during this difficult time. Companies like are doing great job

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