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Corporate sector with a corporate video

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Corporate video is an essential element for all types of businesses because we as homo sapiens have lost our reading habits unintentionally by consuming videos all the time, either on whatsapp or on Facebook or on twitter. Human brain can be trained easily and it pick up easy things first than the complicated ones, similarly when it reads a script based on 600 words, may not be consumed entirely as much as if a video is produced on those 600 words and showcased to the same man, its all happening because of audio-video narration which human mind can relate much better than the written textual format. Businesses (big or small) have diagnosed this fact that their old styled ppt (power point presentation) may not do wonders to education and inform the targeted potential clients as compare to a minute long video. ​

we, at zakmedios produce corporate videos in Delhi and ncr understand the pulse the corporate sector quite well, we pitch our clients with variety of ideas and portray ourselves as a corporate video makers in Delhi and corporate film makers in Delhi, Ideas for the videos could be dependent on the product or services being offered by the company, such as if company makes a helmet we do not need to tell everyone what is helmet, rather we would start the video with the unique selling prepositions and if someone has to approach to a xxx helmet manufacturer why ? why not to their competitors ?

Corporate video production in Delhi has been quite common because of the mushrooming of companies in Delhi/Noida/Gurgaon. We get regular calls from the start-ups community because they understand the real value of the corporate video or promotional video because most of their founders are under 30s and want to do extensive marketing for their company.

Digital platforms are so extensively available to market your product through video and unlike of television marketing you do not need to buy airtime to run your video content which is indeed making the corporate video more effective to distribute and circulate.

Corporate video making services are being provided by many but producing the video with intelligence is quite rare, one has to have business sense while producing the targeted video content. video makers in Delhi could be many but selection of the top video production houses is quite a task

Gone are the days when video use to be having long duration defining each and everything of the company, now no one has time to watch the corporate video full length, until you have entertainment factor involve with it, Such as a great music or animation or a story.

Promotional videos with a celebrity could also be watched because of the fan following of the actor, but it may be a costly affair for the company.

Ad agencies in Delhi have started taking all sized of projects because they want to capture market better than their competitors, if an advertising agency in Delhi produces a promotional video for start up there are chances that they

would keep on getting work from the same start up and of course start up may turn into a large company in few years of time.

Corporate film makers in Delhi are those who use to be working as free lancers and with time they adjusted themselves as a company and start taking the project by charging very less amount but they can not guarantee of the quality because their vision is not that broad to encapsulate the innovative picture of the products or services but we at zakmedios understand the agenda of using the video and ask many tailored made questions before even giving the proposal so that we could understand the best usage of the video.

Video making companies in Delhi also does projects of marriages and birthday parties whereas we do not do it and are very much focussed on corporate video services in Delhi only.

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