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Conventional style “Trying to Sell” to digital style “Making Connection” A change of marketing strat

Gone are the days when people were easily convinced to buy product from those companies which always tried to sell by using an orthodox style of marketing but things started getting changed with the mindset of buyers as buyers today are more busy and less vulnerable to get convinced rather they always want to be untraceable and do not want to be labeled themselves as potential buyers. Companies started knowing this kind of behaviour as a result they want to establish a connection with the potential buyers without knowing them that they are being targeted with silent business pitch.

Its a free market with variety of option to choose from such as departmental stores where buyers get the luxury to pick up their own favourite items direct from the shelves than being told what to buy what not to by the shop keepers, Similarly introduction of the products and services are widely spread on various digital platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube and most prominently on Google, Now its up to the buyers to consume the sugar coated business pitch or the introduction of the product. Now its up to the consumer what to prefer to buy according to their own choice.

Corporate video is quite popular option to introduce the company, services/product and USPs which could be quite a convincing tool to make viewers understand about the product and services.

Zakmedios understand the corporate video marketing and deliver quite an international quality. All these corporate AV can be uploaded on the company’s official page which may have a long list of followers, that is the reason companies want to promote their business page quite extensively so that they could convert their potential connection into buyers.

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