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Training Video

Training video is a very effective and economic tool which can do wonders without spending too much on training sessions. We are training video makers and have produced huge amount of them. It has to be fast moving, it has to have good rhythmic music, its duration has to be under 3-4 minutes, it has to have good graphics and if budget allows has to have 3D animation. 

This training video was produced for Coca-Cola with the intension of increasing the sales of Coke in the small restaurants, Waiters generally not informed and groomed to serve the cold drinks. There is always a push to sale the Coke but it should not put of the customers.  

Training videos are an effective way to provide a workforce with the knowledge and skills to deliver the service quality and brand experience a business wants to deliver to its customers. Engaging and informative video, with a strong human element, brings training to life and captures attention making learning fun and people more receptive. Training videos can be used as stand-alone training tools, as part of distance learning programmes or be incorporated into existing in-house training modules. Training videos also provide excellent induction tools for new starters, ensuring everyone gets the same, consistent, high-quality introduction to your business. Training videos are particularly useful in helping to reduce training and development costs for organisations with a large or remote workforce. In nutshell Zakmedios is an ad agency in Delhi which creates all sorts of videos for the clients. 


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