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Testimonial Video

Mr. Rob Friedman co-founder and Chairman of one of the Largest real estate company in the world, the American front runner online real estate organisation, was honoured "Internet Person of the Year"  by the Internet Marketing Association at in Las Vegas on 25 September 2014. With this premium recognition, Rob & his venture joined past very prominent Internet personalities of the year which includes Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook; Justin Choi -  founder of Nativo; & Tony Hsieh - CEO of Zappos. 

You can not afford to go wrong while shooting a testimonial of such an Icon and that is the reason their technology partner Clavax choose ZakMedios out of many to record a testimonial of Rob for them with an International quality as we did. Calvax and Auction were happy with the results.  

Few Lines About Testimonial Video: 

A video testimonial showcases a selection of your customers giving positive accounts of you and your business. Video testimonials capture genuine feedback that can help to substantiate your marketing messages. Talking on camera about your product, how well it worked for them, how easy it was to install or implement, what great added-value you offered, how good your team was to work with, you customers’ testimonials add credibility and give prospects real confidence in what you do. Customer testimonial videos can be used for a variety of purposes such as content for a video promotion, an endorsement on exhibition stands, in general sales presentations as well as on e-business cards.

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