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Technology Services


IT Consulting Services

IT plays significant role to establish, run and expend businesses everywhere in the world. Some businesses get fail because of non-understanding of the support of Information Technology, therefore an appropriate advisory has become very important to assist the businesses in multiple fold such as from understanding the role of IT, infrastructures, suitable IT product and various requirements and of course technical team. A perfect IT infrastructure can provide a strategic analysis of the business on which management can take variety of decisions. We, at ZakMedios provides Information Technological consultancy to boost up your business to take it to the next level.  

ZakMedios means satisfaction to many clients because we put a lot of hard work for the clients to provide the best consultancy, we research and understand the entire business model of the client before giving any consultation, we understand the entire revenue and value chain of the client, we understand all the processes of business to minimize the human intervention. We provide training and various kinds of workshops after deployment of the IT infrastructure

IT Support Services

ZakMedios is one of the finest Information Technology companies in Delhi, delivering and managing services for over 8 years to various national organizations specially those who are looking for a smarter way to develop and manage their businesses

ZakMedios has a long list of esteemed clients who place their trust in us for not only to support their staff but to manage their technology.

.When number of employees grows in an organization it is translated as the progressive organization which is expending the business and revenue returns but you need IT requirements as well to support the business without any friction. Managing IT infrastructure independently could be a potential risk when you are in expending mode and that is where we as ZakMedios come in the picture by taking all your technical responsibilities to maintain and support the processes smoothly

 We are here to serve you: 

If you are looking for well structured timely deliveries and proactive IT Support in India

If you are looking for an IT Partner that understands the criticality of your business and can guide you strategically through advanced technology recommendations.


Design and Development 

These days having a great website is more important than having a fancy office. Post Covid-19, people have learnt that physical meeting is not important to expend the business rather you need a fantastic website to impress your potential clients.

Viewers judge you by exploring your website and if they find that you have got the taste, you are mostly to be considered to give it a shot than those who do not have user friendly website.

Clients take out your contact number from your website to contact you, that’s how you start first level of interaction with your clients.

There are 3 primary aspects which create an immediate hook, your website has to be innovative, technically advanced and user friendly. If you have got these three things, most likely your call to action will work. Therefore, it is very important to hire an agency who not only could understand your business model but also your revenue model to maximize the clients through your website and mobile application.


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