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Product Video 

A product video broadly just talks about the product, starting from the need of this product to how it could be used. It also depends on the nature of the product. If your product is for B2C and not new in the market you should not give introduction of this product such as if your product is television, it doesn't need any introduction because TV device is known by everyone. In this case, you can directly talk about those features of the television which are different from a regular television to trigger your clients to purchase.

Incase, you have a unique product which is not known, not seen and not been experienced by anyone, it needs proper introduction, for example you have created a one seater flying machine, now it is new in the market and you need to give a proper introduction of your product. 

Sometimes product is well known but it has added new multiple features which is advantage and creating uniqueness than you need to talk about product as a whole and narrow down to those features which you have added into it. Such as air conditioner primary job is to keep the environment cold but if you have added heating system in the same AC it has become your unique product which need to be highlighted. 

Product video shoot and video demonstration is typically used as a sales tool quickly and succinctly transmit large amounts of information to potential customers with the intent of inspiring them to buy. Product demonstration videos usually highlight the features and capabilities of a product or service with the visuals acting as an exceptionally powerful way of impressing, informing and exciting customers and of making clear the value that they will get when making their purchase. As well as an effective sales tool, product demonstration videos can also be used for a variety of other purposes which could include keeping the workforce up to date with key products and services and educating the sales on team on how they should be presented to potential customers, ensuring consistency of message across the business, informing suppliers of new products and educating potential investors on the features and capabilities of products and services.

Product video makers in Delhi are having good business because of the sudden demand created by platform like amazon. People want to see the product video and how product video makers has produced the video before buying any product. 

Product video makers in India generally travel outside of India to attend various conferences where to contact the potential clients for their related videos. 

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