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Cricket is like a Religion in India...

Cricket League (corporate)

Gone are the days when you are just expected to work in the office through out the year. Thanks to vary Indian who has interest in the game of cricket which is treated as a game but as a new religion which HR professionals has well assessed and started making use of it by arranging a competitive games in the major cities of India. 

Responce was great and people urge to watch companies playing. Organisation achieve a lot through the game among them silent branding of the company is one of the powerful tool they have well spotted out and that is the reason corporate started spending on games either cricket or football or even Golf which was the game of elite few decades a go. 

ZakMedios has found the gap as there were not many production companies who were having complete resources of capturing the game and use it as a branding video on various promotional platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and whats app.. 

We covered the Galgo Cricket league and realised the power of the game to brand the company on various platforms including print media, electronic media and of course digital media.  

Zakmedios Produces corporate video in India but this kind of cricketing experience was one of kind. Following are our services in various parts of the cities In India

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