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testimonial video production - how Important is it for your brand ?

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Testimonial Videos meant to be persuasive in nature, Think about framing real customer talking about solutions you have provided when they were looking for a product/services when someone was in need of and your products or your services were there to perform well.

Lets take an example of gym wear/gym clothing, you have a manufacturing unit and you managed to sell few unit of a gym T-shirt and lower now you need to understand the thought mechanism of your customer on following lines

  1. why he/she bought your company's gym wear (T-shirt and lower) when there are many options available in the competitive market

  2. What are those points which your customer liked about your product

  3. Why is he/she happy for one's right selection of gym wear

Addressing to the first question you would be highlighting the “Competitive Advantages” of your product over your rivals, every gym wear are worn to go to gym and exercise. These products provide comfort to your body while training in the gym, but this only mechanism would not be sellable, it has to have more features attached and should be highlighted to give a competitive advantage to your rivals such as your company gym wear soak 90% sweat, it provides air to your body, it is extremely flexible, washable in machine etc but these features are not new, many companies are already offering same features, how about these gym clothings are convertible according to your style, if you want to cover up entire your body or you want to show your certain body part it is possible by pulling/pusing/hooking up, it could be your product USP based on very innovative feature and potentially sellable in the market labelled as unique and very creative product.

Now its your customer's turn to talk about good things for gym wear he/she has bought, One can showcase it from all the angles, talks about how good it works as a clothing but additionally it has an extra features which makes this gym wear special and this is a robust sellable idea to showcase in the Testimonial Videos.

People need reviews they take it very seriously and they heavily rely upon for the buying, if they find good reviews there are chances they would buy it and if they find poor reviews they may ignore it

So your testimonial should not be reflected as it has been scripted done by some professional actor, it has to come naturally, without any fancy language, there has to be no make-up or high-tech production set. It has to be shot in a way where anyone could relate with them.

Word of mouth publicity considered the best for the brand and product. If someone has not heard about your product there is a chance that he would not buy it but if showcase your testimonial video you would certainly increase the chances of buying it.

If you upload a video on Youtube and link it with your website there are chances that your website would perform better on google organic search result than those who are not having any video on their website.

Good testimonial video has to be produced by a good testimonial video production makers to deliver your message to your targeted customers with pleasant style. A good video agency can make a video which would look good, trustworthy and authentic.

Your product story has to be drafted smartly for the testimonial video, it has to build block by block, it has to be entertaining, background music should be very soothing and should go with the flow of the video.

Your video has to make presence on multiple video streaming websites such as on Instagram, Facebook, linkedIn and most importantly on Youtube, as one study indicates that youtube research helps B2B decision makers to influence the purchases by 50.9%.

If we showcase our product with the right testimonial narrated by a delighted customer we certainly would be influencing many such buyers to buy the same brand, customer might talk about something which could have been improved to sound like honest testimonial rather than talking about all good things, such as this gym wear works amazing but it has to be available in many colours to choose from, company should launch this product with multiple designs as well.

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Vinay Pratap Singh
Vinay Pratap Singh
Mar 07, 2022

It's great to know about corporate video production in Delhi.. Zakmedios is doing great job..

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