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Augmented Reality an Introduction

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

AR (Augmented Reality) is the technology where the elements of the real world are catered as per the users choice, no matter how far are the objects from the reach of the person possible contact who is using AR. Its perceived by the eyes of the beholder according to the choice of the person such as zoom in, vertically, horizontally, tilted, and can be saved in the memory of the hardware which is used to deploy AR to the viewers.

Certainly, AR is the most talk about subject of the modern tech guru and various analysts but the real core of the technology has not been shared by its tech developers. Its perceived by the combination of our various physiological and anatomical systems particularly olfactory, somatosensory, auditory, haptic and of course visual. These meta perception of the body relay the AR to the CNS (central nervous system) where its been consumed and send back the required information to the operator’s eye.

There could be various devices which could fit on the eyelids to give AR visual effect through audio video format. ZakMedios also produces such videos for their clients.

The idea of AR was invented in 1992 with limited resources and lesser capabilities in the US Air force laboratory but over the years its been grown to the next level for the commercial particularly entertainment and gaming industry where game consumers needs to percept everything as real to enjoy the game at most level.

AR can also be extremely helpful to display the detailed architecture of the unbuilt building and its look and feel and it would give you the same effect as it has been completed the way builder want to be..

Advantage of using this technology is certainly doesn’t need to have complex hardware system to support, just need a display screen, high end processor, input devices and sensor which are found in a smart phones, additionally smart phones provide the tech support of various technological advancements such as camera, compass, GPS, Accelerometer which makes the mobiles hand set more economical way to use the AR to run upon.

Corporate video production in Delhi could prepare the AR video which could be quite a unique video option for those who are looking for a innovative option of the displaying the video content. which could be seen by the user by wearing HUD (Head-Up-Display)

Corporate film makers in Delhi can develop videos which could be played out over the contact lenses which are called as bionic contact lenses, these lenses are called the future tech entity to deploy the AR, to support the lenses one has to have external hardware having installed and carried by the viewers. There are many research on progress to take this technology to the maturity level to deliver the best result with maximum coverage.

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Corporate video production services in Delhi getting quite tough because of the level of competition is increasing but those like zakmedios having skill, resources and capabilities to develop any sort of video are very few to count.

Corporate film makers in Delhi are slowly shifting to Mumbai for better opportunities as a result those who are staying up here for the business are having major chunk of business.

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Jul 21, 2019

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Jul 21, 2019

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Jul 02, 2019

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