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7 Tips of making great creative corporate video

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Corporate video is indeed one of the most flexible & cost effective ways of showcasing your products, services and over all business & has the benefit of securing an emotional connection with your viewers almost impossible through static pictures and boring text. There are few points corporate film makers has to consider if they want to give the best output to their client

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  1. Music - Background music in a corporate video plays quite a significant role, One has to be really careful while selecting the background music. It has to go with the footage of the corporate film, It should neither be too loud or party music nor too slow to make your corporate film boring. It has to be rhythmic with some constant beats. It has to be royalty free, one can purchase music from audio jungle website, they have a huge collection and variety of background music.

  2. Virality - Not every video can be viral, please keep it in your mind. Corporate video makers should treat corporate av close to the business model, not every business model could be as popular to treat it viral. People make things viral only when they connect with it and expect that other people would also love it. Please stick to your script and try not to risk experimenting.

  3. Script - Your script is a backbone of your video. Corporate film makers write the script well there are chances that a great video would be produced on that script. If you think you do not have a potent script writer who has understanding of the subject just go out in the market, get a freelancer script writer or find someone on websites such as upwork or on LinkedIn. Your scriptwriter can put the life in your corporate video.

  4. DOP - Video production companies must be having a good cameraperson to shoot your corporate video, he has to be creative. Make sure that you arrange a recce session before the actual shoot so that your cameraperson can think about the various innovative shots much in advance. He can clear his doubts before the shoot, make sure to hand over the final script to him so that he could conceptualise the shots according to the script.

  5. Voice Over (VO) - Explainer video makers must be having a great voice for the background commentary. You have to decide whether it should be a male or female voice, you must choose the gender voice according to the product or services. If you are filming for a company which produces beauty products or cosmetics you should not be having a male voice over on your video. If you are producing corporate video for a tractor manufacturer you cannot have a female voice over. You have to be really careful about the quality of voice, get some samples of various vo artists and short list, send it to your client to finalise. You can give your own preference with a proper logic, if you like Mr. X voice why? why not Mr. Y voice?

  6. Animation and Typography - You need to know which part you would be showcasing through 2D/3D animation and make sure you put your costing accordingly. You can use some template for typography as it would give a freshness and would engage the viewers as they would read the animated text themselves.

  7. Editor - Video Editor is a maker or breaker kind of a person for you. A good editor can do wonders. If you shoot a really bad video its editor who can polish it and turn it into a creative corporate video. Corporate video makers must be having a good in-house video editor who must have basic after effect knowledge. Your editor has to be creative, techno friendly, and must have a good sense of music and is hard working.

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asif saifi
asif saifi
Aug 13, 2022

Great information about corporate video production


DCV Productions
DCV Productions
Mar 01, 2022

Well explained article for making corporate videos.

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