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Unique content and importance of Videos

Availability of Video platforms has created huge scope of Video Marketing. Corporate world is very well aware of the advantages of having video marketing. If an organisation outsource its digital marketing contract to any agency, its immediately asked to develop some videos for the video marketing campaign as everyone is well aware of the increasingly indulgence and time spent on these platform because of the cheap internet price and bandwidth. Digital agencies generally rely on two media forms,

  1. Unique content

  2. Videos

Plagiarism has become quite a big problem because people search the topic by putting down key words in the content aggregator platforms like google scholar, yahoo etc. and get the instant result in terms of the content which they copy and paste according to their need. However, Google has developed a very sophisticated algorithm but they just edit the content to avoid come on the radar.

Almost half of the internet users uses Social Media Platform and rest of the half could be for professional use, to bet businesses, Data search, games, video on demand etc and that is the reason Videos are also being considered quite a essential component, social/professional media vehicles are painted by videos such as Facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Instagram and youtube they are all preferring videos in the front line because they are well aware of the user behaviour of their subscribers.

Corporate video makers, ad agencies, marketing agencies they all have readjusted their business model which revolves around the videos. corporate film makers are approaching to their valuable clients and trying to persuade them to use promotional videos for their promotional activities. Ad agencies in Delhi have also acknowledged that they can not survive just on production of television commercials as a result they have also started producing corporate videos in Delhi, Training Videos, Corporate AV etc so that they could also sustain in the new emerging marketplace of digital media.

These videos not only gives targeted information to their viewers but also entertain them

having music and various innovative info graphical elements. These videos are kept silent on the various platform until you click on the sound icon to get the audio which make them more effective as they do not disturb those viewers much and visually can be consumed thus message can be delivered if corporate videos produced as self explanatory. Companies tries to keep minimum duration of these video to maximise the chances of watching them because patience level is decreasing quite on fast pace.

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