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Television is the most vital tool or medium to reach the masses.  We provide an expert team for producing TVCs according to the 

needs and requirements of the client which will give the maximum ROI

TV Advertisement (Ad agency In Delhi)

Television watching is indeed the best time pass in every house hold, TV penetration in the Indian families is increasing specially where there is one or many females 

Watching TV is the most common leisure activity in our country today. It is the medium where the consumer spends the most “attentive” time. A number of surveys report average daily television viewing time as high as five to six hours. No wonder it has grown into a giant advertising medium.

While the newspaper may cover the city’s general metropolitan area, TV offers the greatest possibility for creative advertising. With a camera, you can take your audience anywhere, and show them almost anything. The power of television is in its ability to simultaneously appeal not only to sight and hearing, but to strengthen interest through the dimensions of movement and the realism of full color. It is comprised of pictures and words, but of the two, the pictures are infinitely more important.

TV advertising can show and tell many people about your product or service, and actually demonstrate the benefits of ownership. Since they see how it works and how it is packaged, every time they see it they will be psychologically reminded of their desire to have it. Zakmedios is also treated as one of the leading Ad agencies in Delhi, advertising agencies in Delhi. 

Television always has been a popular medium for large retailers, but because of lowered production costs and the ability of cable to reach smaller market areas, its use by small and medium size businesses is becoming more popular. Television is often referred to as the “king” of the advertising media. It has proven its power to influence human behavior again and again. But it is also the “king” of advertising costs as well.

Advantages of Television Advertising

Some advantages of television advertising include the following:

  • Television reaches very large audiences – usually much larger than the audience your local newspaper reaches, and it does so during a short period of time.

  • Since there are fewer television stations than radio stations in a given area, each TV audience is divided into much larger segments, which enables you to reach a larger, yet, more diverse audience.

  • It has the ability to convey your message with sight, sound and motion, and can give a product or service instant validity and prominence.

  • You can easily reach targeted audiences. Children can be reached during cartoon programming, homemakers during daytime programming, and insomniacs after midnight.


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